Welcome! I am always in the market for freelance work doing 3D graphics, animation, photo retouching or graphic design in the Lake Charles, LA area. If telecommuting is an option, I have the necessary hardware and software to work efficiently from my home office.

As a freelancer, my work includes graphic design, digital illustration, web design and 3D animation. Graphic design clients include Sebastopol Film Festival and Raja Music Group. Clients for animations include Aerial Filmworks, Iowa State University, Southern Methodist University, Iowa High School Athletic Association and Tennessee High School Athletic Association.

A little more about me…
If I’m not joyriding in my Jeep, you will most likely find me at my computer. In a nutshell, I like creative challenges and anything related to graphics! I enjoy photo retouching, photography, animation and illustration just to name a few. My graphic interests range from video and animation to web design and marketing. I am on a continual quest to educate myself about the latest software. Much of my software knowledge is from good ole trial and error with an occasional class or seminar thrown in for good measure. Feel free to take a look at my website, email me with questions or drop me a line to let me know of someone who could use my skills! Thanks for looking!

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